Security in your data access should be one of the big priorities for your business, especially now with remote work and the significant increase in online schemes.

The purpose of the VPN service is to increase security and privacy, without exposing servers directly to the internet, using Private IP addressing only accessible by the client.

Increased security and privacy

The VPN service – Virtual Private Network expects to make a protected channel between the client’s frameworks and the infrastructures or workers situated in Cartzlink Datacenter. The objective is to increase security and privacy, not exposing workers straightforwardly to the internet, using private IP addressing and just accessible by the client. It can likewise work as an expansion of the client’s neighborhood organization, maintaining a similar IP addressing.

This service is a supplement to devoted conditions like Cloud Servers or Bare Metal Servers (physical).

It is accessible in customer to-site or site-to-site mode.


  • Flexible with value per user or fixed in client-to-site mode;
  • OpenVPN in client-to-site mode and OpenVPN or IPSec in site-to-site mode;
  • High security with AES-256 bit encryption;
  • Private IP addressing;
  • Private Vlan;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring;
  • 1Gbps private network within Cartzlink Datacenter.