What is MDaemon Technologies?

MDaemon (pronounced M-Day-mon) Technologies (formerly Alt-N Technologies, read the Press Release) has been developing email and email security software for over 20 years. It is our focus and our mission to help companies around the world easily manage and maintain secure email communication. That is why thousands of customers in over 90 countries around the world trust our products. We have built our products with the ongoing input of IT professionals around the world who want simple, hassle-free email that doesn’t require a lot of their time to manage. If there is one phrase as to why customers in diverse industries throughout many countries offer as the reason why they use our products, it is simply because, “it just works!”

Flexible and Always Listening:

We focus on delivering software that can be deployed in virtual, hosted or on-premise environments because every business has a unique philosophy when it comes to email control and security. Our development team is always engaged and listening to the needs of our global customer and partner base. Whether that is participating on our Community ForumsBeta Teams or reviewing the suggestions made on our Idea Engine, our success has been driven by our customer community. And our technical support team is equally committed to ensuring customers receive the best support in the industry.

Industry Expertise:

MDaemon Technologies has been adding the newest email security features in its products for over 20 years. As new threats emerge, we actively deploy new features and technologies into every version of our products, often much earlier than our competitors. And we continue to serve as active members in associations that shape the email messaging industry. MDaemon Founder, Arvel Hathcock, is a recognized expert on email and related security technology and participates on boards and associations, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Messaging, Malware and Mobile AntiAbuse Working Group (M3AAWG) to engage with industry peers who work tirelessly to improve the process of email communications.


300 Users / Year

  First Year: USD $1,302  1041.60


300 Users / 2nd Year

  2nd Year: USD $455.70 410.13

MDaemon Antivirus 

300 Users / Year

  1st Year: USD $772 617.60

MDaemon Antivirus (Renewal)

300 Users / Year

  2nd Year: USD $540.40 486.36

MDaemon Standard

300 Users / Year

1st Year: USD $600 

Response Time: Via ticket 1 to 2 days

MDaemon Standard (Renewal)

300 Users / Year

2nd Year: USD $600 

Response Time: Via ticket 1 to 2 days

MDaemon Priority 

300 Users / Year

1st Year: USD $900

Response Time: Same day via Phone 

MDaemon Priority (Renewal) 

300 Users / Year

2nd Year: USD $900

Response Time: Same day via Phone 

MDaemon Professional 

300 Users / Year

One Time: $499 399

Second Year: NA - handled under support


  1. There are two aspects of this, the MDaemon can be hosted on-premises or colo (Co-Located) outside with any provider, in either case the cost of the license remains the same.
  2. The only cost that is added is the Server’s rent that customer has to pay, if you do not wish to host in-house because of any connectivity or security reasons, you can host the server with any data center which is being done by a lot of our customers too.
  3. However the above usage is for single organization only but for those who wish to host MDaemon in their Data Center to provide Email Hosting Service to other customer, there is a separate licensing model and a different version of MDaemon called MDPC – MDaemon Private Cloud. This is just FYI to ensure that you and your customer comply with the licensing terms.
  4. The server minimum hardware is here but ideally if it is a 128GB RAM with good processors speed, a dual or a quad, it would be wonderful, MDaemon does not require hefty investment on the hardware part either.



  1. The above prices do not include With-Holding Tax, Sales Tax, and Remittance Tax etc.
  2. The next year discounts are all subject to ACTIVE LICENSE state, once the license is expired, the discounts will be revoked.
  3. For full terms and conditions, please refer to your invoice and or contact local accounts section