Send SMS from your existing desktop application or from your existing website to your customer

One Time Setup : PKR 10,000/-
One Time Setup for developers / resellers : PKR 5,000/-

SMS Cost

Free 2,500 SMS / Month

Additional SMS Cost PKR 125 for 4150 SMS

SMS COST (after 25,000 SMS) SMS Cost : PKR 125 for 4150 SMS

Yearly Charges

Yearly Cost : PKR 1,000 / year / 25000 SMS SAMPLE CODE


You can also receive a reply from your customer – If you are using your own Android Phone for sending SMS


The benefit of bulk SMS messaging for business communications

Small, medium and large businesses are increasingly looking to SMS technology as a channel for business communications due to its direct benefits in increasing operational efficiencies. This has spurred on technology providers to start integrating SMS capabilities into their software business solutions.

Summary of benefits of SMS messaging for business communications

For a business:

⭐ An SMS enabled application allows customers / suppliers to be informed from an existing financial or customer relationship management (CRM) programme.

⭐ SMS messaging can be automated to send out alerts.

⭐ SMS messages can be personalised to include information specific to a contact within a group.

⭐ SMS messages can be scheduled for sending at a later date and time.

⭐ Replies can be received to an inbox and acted on accordingly.

⭐ SMS messaging is cost-effective as it sends a message directly to targeted contacts.

⭐ Improved business efficiencies, especially within an extended business process (e.g. order fulfilment).

⭐ Better overall internal and external business communications.

We provide Application programming interfaces for JAVA, C#.NET, VB, ASP, PHP, C++, Access, etc.

For the consumer, client or supplier:

⭐ SMS is a short and succinct message (such as a notification, alert, announcement) that conveys essential information.

⭐ Messages are received by an intended recipient seconds after sending.

⭐ SMS has a wider reach as most people have a cellphone.

⭐ People are familiar with the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

⭐ People are able to respond quickly to an SMS.