The Telework is without a doubt one of the topics that mark the present, the requirement for and companies get to remain in operation , when we are living on the planet, the most experience working distance . This is the ideal opportunity to adapt and create mechanisms to furnish companies and their representatives with solutions that permit, from home, to maintain business routines with the efficiency they generally have. In this article, we list 5 advantages that Cloud solutions present for those working in teleworking and versatility.

Advantages of Cloud solutions for Telework and mobility

1. Security

With a Cloud solution you are guaranteed that your data is safe and protected. With secure access and in a highly redundant environment, you will always have backups of your information to recover in the event of a disaster (natural phenomena, thefts, fires, hardware failures or others) and thus safeguard your business.

2. High Availability

When picking Cloud solutions, you will be ensured an assistance with high accessibility, minimizing the risks of administration breakdown or hardware failures that can endanger the progression of your business.

3. Access: Where you want, When you want and in real time

In a Cloud environment, your employees can get to documents from anyplace and on any device , whenever of the day , with the assurance that the data gave is refreshed in real time . Therefore, this is the ideal answer for groups that need to work collaboratively and in teleworking.

4. Scalability

With cloud solutions, you gain in scalability and elasticity and subsequently accompany the growth of your business, since assets can be adjusted at any time according to needs. For example, when choosing a cloud server , the growth of your business is assured , since they can scale horizontally, theoretically, to endlessness.

5. Controlled costs

With a Cloud arrangement you will have no  worries or direct costs related to the procurement, and recharging of gear or licenses, not at all like an on-premises environment. On the other hand, it ought to be referenced as a bit of leeway the way that it will delegate to the provider the support of hardware or the goal of equipment problems. There is a stricter cost control in which the infrastructure can be dynamically adjusted according to your necessities, in this way evading enormous interests in the securing of gear that in a couple of years become out of date and unused.

CartzLink Cloud Solutions

At Cartzlink we have several Cloud Solutions that help to maintain productivity, while allowing a reduction and control in costs.

Cloud Files

This is our File Sharing solution, which permits fast access to information so your group can look after efficiency, from any area and whenever. These days, the capacity to access and share files through the various devices (Web, Windows, macOS, portable) is fundamental.

Cloud Servers and Bare Metal Servers

Cloud Server arrangements in Windows and Linux are ideal for placing your ERP , your CRM or different stages in a profoundly accessible and open climate 24x7x365. Regardless of whether to have the most well-known ERP available (Primavera, PHC, SAGE, SAP) or others, not at all like on-premises servers, that is, situated on the client’s premises, Cloud Servers have the benefit of having controlled costs , and scale as needed.

As correlative administrations, we give:

  • Tailored backups,
  • 24x7x365 Support and Monitoring,
  • Remote Desktop Licensing,
  • SQL Server and others.
  • It is also possible to implement secure access through IPSec or OpenVPN VPN, thus ensuring that your data is not exposed to the internet.

Cloud Protect

The Cloud Protect administration permits you to make consistent and secure backups of your data , storing them in an area and Remote Datacenter. One of the central points in a right reinforcement strategy is the assurance of data being put away in a geographic area a long way from your datacenter or worker, allowing recovery , even in case of failure of your nearby infrastructure.

There are several causes that can prompt data misfortune, including cataclysmic events (fires, floods), burglary, PC assaults, human blunder, so it is fundamental to safeguard your data , ensuring its availability. In this sense, this assistance we give can be utilized to secure fixed or versatile positions, tablets, cell phones, virtual workers or actual workers.

We have Server Backup Solutions for all stages to ensure the coherence of your business by securing the information on your Linux or Windows worker, – Thus, we present alternatives demonstrated for:

  • HyperV, Xen or KVM virtual servers . Allows you to carry out complete protection of your virtual server located in Cartzlink data centers
  • Windows Server or Linux physical servers . It allows you to perform a complete protection of your physical server located in Cartzlink data centers.

Cloud Storage

With Cloud Storage, your information is put away on storage servers with redundant RAID arrays and perpetual monitoring. Access is secure and set up by means of SFTP or web and will have excess space for putting away files. Because it is facilitated in affirmed Datacenters, it likewise has prevalent security, controlled admittance and more noteworthy transfer speed.

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