CARTZ Link: E-Commerce Back-Office Solution

Let the E-commerce Back-Office Begin.

  • Boost your Online Sales 20x by integrating your E-Commerce platform with CARTZ Link: Cloud Based E-Commerce Integrated Back-Office Solution
  • Used by Top E-Commerce Companies:
    • Scents n Secrets
    • Scents n Stories
  • Integrated with different E-Commerce platforms:
    • Shopify, Daraz, Woo Commerce etc.
  • Integrated with Top Logistic Companies:
    • TRAX, TCS, Leopard etc.
  • Best E-Commerce integrated solution in town that provides you complete control and better management over your business. Intelligently aid your E-Commerce platform to boost towards success.
  • Creating value for businesses all around Pakistan. Our features and tools are designed to formulate standard business operations.

Focused Expenses & Total Visibility:

Feel the magic of E-commerce Back-Office.

  • Reduces time consumption and also manual procedure cost up-to 80%:
  • Dispatch Screen: Fetches old and real-time data from different E-Commerce platforms.
  • Order Tracking: Displays customer’s name, location, phone number, address, and status – Improves Efficiency
  • QR Code Technology: Reduces the risk of wrong dispatches
  • Godown Selection: Complete Inventory Control & Maintenance
  • Saves approximately 2 Million

Improved Efficiency:

E-Commerce Back-Office only if you want the best.

CARTZ Link’s E-Commerce Back-Office guarantees business efficiency up-to 80%:

  • Build-item formula: Lets you combine multiple raw materials into one final product.
  • Sync Inventory: Inventory synchronization with different E-Commerce platforms.
  • Sync Price: Real time price synchronization with different E-Commerce platforms.
  • Inventory Control: All-in-one advance stock break-up report.
  • Saves approximately 0.5 Million

More than just a Sales Based System:

E-Commerce Back-Office - See more, Do more.

With its feature rich modules, CARTZ Link E-Commerce Back-Office is more than just a Sales based E-Commerce platform

  • Sales Order: Auto-generate Sales Order received on your E-Commerce platforms – Saves time & cost.
  • Merger sales order: Merge same date multiple Sales Order received from single customer – Saves time, cost and improves efficiency
  • Sales Invoicing: Create and manage invoices with advanced reporting features
  • Multiple Printing Options: Allows you to print invoices in pdf, excel, etc.
  • Point of Sales (POS): Advance point of sale feature
  • Due Invoicing: Track pending invoices of different dates and times.
  • Purchase order & Invoice: Auto load Sales Order into your Purchase Order / Invoice

Improved Planning and Reporting:

Think positive, think E-Commerce Back-Office.

Our Cloud Based Solution provides availability of data and information from any location at any time, along with our following star features:

  • Auto Categorizes Orders as per Logistics Companies and cities
  • Complete Accounting Module with Ledgers and Trial Balance.
  • Complete Sales Module for managing cash and credit sale
  • Other Accounting options includes:
    • Debit & Credit Vouchers
    • Journal Vouchers
    • Aging of Accounts Receivable & Payable
    • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Excellent Scalability:

E-Commerce Back-Office - Answer lies within.

CARTZ Link’s E-Commerce Back-Office scales easily, as it adjusts the entire infrastructure to the necessary size for each stage in your business. We just simplify the entire process. With options consisting of:

  • Complete Purchase Module: Purchase Orders, GRN and Purchase Invoices etc.
  • Complete Inventory management: Synchronise Inventory with E-Commerce platforms, Build-Item Formula, Stock Break-Up Report etc.
  • Integrated P.O.S (addon).
  • Private label Branding option.