The OX7 Advantage

OX product Suite Google Mail
Mailbox Size 25 GB 25 GB
Drive Storage per user 5 GB 5 GB
Shared Calendar yes yes
Outlook Support yes yes
Indexing of email content for ads yes
Price $2.25 / PKR 225 $5.00

Open Exchange 7 The Collaborative Suite For All Your Needs

Open-Xchange: Beyond email

Telco’s and hosting companies are under pressure to increase revenue. Many assume this means acquiring new customers or reselling well-known brands. Open-Xchange thinks differently: Telco’s and hosters often have large customer bases and powerful brands, so why not leverage this? Together with OX App Suite create a centralized platform where customers come for their daily digital needs. Not just for emails but also account administration, social interactions, storage and all aspects of their digital lives. This can then be used to promote impulse purchases. Let users see the wealth of services on offer instead of a preconceived idea of what they think is available. Expand your customer satisfaction as well as their investment in your offerings.

OX app Suite: Creating a centralized digital life

Office PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone; email, social networks, calendar, instant messaging – our digital lives are becoming increasingly complex, spanning multiple devices and diverse applications. As a result, features originally designed to save time, now cost time – as we navigate from one machine to the next and hopscotch between interfaces. OX App Suite from Open-Xchange is the ideal solution. It is a one-stop platform that combines email, calendar, contacts, files and more – helping users regain control over their digital interactions, at work and at play.

What’s in the box?

The central, user-friendly portal is the beating heart of the solution. This is where your users come for an at-a-glance view of their online activities. Fully customizable in line with your needs and theirs, this hub is the gateway to all your social needs as well as all OX App Suite apps:

  • Mail – all accounts in one place. Your users can add or remove accounts from various email providers with push- button simplicity. All messages are displayed in a familiar, easy-to-read format. OX App Suite provides a central interface for all email communications. This keeps users inside OX App Suite and saves them the trouble of logging into multiple site or launching more than one application.
  • Calendar – managing and sharing time. This intuitive calendar makes group appointment scheduling simple and visual. It also lets users integrate external social calendars and share them to other users.
  • Contacts – a single address book. This central, one-stop repository contains all your contacts – be it personal email address or mailing lists, centralized address books, imported social contacts or collected interactions.
  • Tasks – the to-dos for today. The interactive, intuitive task list allows users to efficiently manage all their day-to-day activities.
  • Files – share, store and sync. This feature enables users to save, manage and edit files of all types and formats. This supports simplified document flows and easy exchange of information.

In addition decide exactly how services are presented to end-users. Choose a freemium-based business model or define your own custom up-sell bundles. Choose to activate advertising or other in-app up-sell features. OX App Suite adapts to your current business model or lets you try something new.

What’s in it for me?

Benefits for Providers

  • Build your own cloud – private or public
  • Fully brandable and customizable
  • Increase impulse purchases
  • Increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Turn CAPEX into OPEX
  • Robust and fault tolerant
  • Market leading scalability
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Sales & Marketing acceleration with OX Performance Program

Benefits for Users

  • Easy to use, responsive user interface
  • All emails, contacts and tasks in one place
  • Flexible access from any device
  • Social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…
  • Crash-proof and robust during shaky connections
  • Centralized document sharing with version control
  • Integration of multiple external accounts
  • Publishing contact folders or any type of files for collaboration with external users

Halo View

OX App Suite’s unique Halo View feature is one-click information mining with almost unlimited drill-down. Simply by clicking on a contact, users get a comprehensive picture of all data and correspondence associated with that person, including:

  • All contact details
  • The latest emails to, from and CC’d
  • Recent meeting participation
  • Social and business network information
  • Relevant calendar information

Device independence

OX App Suite runs on any device by default with no synchronization necessary. The software automatically selects the best view for the device, scaling the interface to ensure a seamless user experience. The solution even continues to run smoothly in unstable conditions. As a result, no data is lost if signal or power supply is interrupted.

  • Runs on PCs, laptops, tablets, netbooks and smartphones
  • Supports latest versions of Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android

Built-in apps


  • Fully configurable, customizable and brandable
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Tumblr, etc.
  • RSS feeds
  • Multiple email accounts in one place
  • View of calendar, tasks and files


  • User-friendly, sleek interface
  • Robust functionality that withstands signal loss
  • Multiple accounts possible
  • Support for attachments sent as links
  • Built-in alerts and reminders


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design
  • Shared and public calendars
  • iCal import
  • Free/busy view
  • Appointments from emails
  • Recurring appointments
  • Built-in alerts and reminders


  • Photo support
  • QR code generation
  • Shared/public address books
  • vCard/CSV import


  • Scheduled tasks
  • Clear progress visualization
  • Built-in alerts and reminders
  • Private and public, business and free-time tasks
  • Intelligent prioritization capabilities


  • Any file type and format
  • Preview for document types (docx, doc, odt, txt, rtf, ppt,
  • pptx, xls, xlsx)
  • Online editing of text documents (docx, doc, odt, txt, rtf)
  • Collaborative, real-time editing (one editor, unlimited
  • viewers)
  • Comprehensive versioning support
  • Folder and file sharing
  • Documents can be sent as attachments or links
  • Multimedia support (audio and video player, photo views)
  • Drag and drop files from desktop
  • Desktop integration via Web Distributed Authoring and
  • Versioning (WebDAV)

Open Exchange 7 The Collaborative Suite For All Your Needs ee_1

Why This Product Is For You Enterprise Email is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that demand better connectivity, collaboration and mobility from their e-mail solutions.

  • Abundant Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Social Integration
  • Mobility
  • Great Support

Most Importantly

  • A serious business needs a serious product suite

The product provides a suite of features that enable an organization and its employees to enhance productivity & streamline day-to-day business activities.



  • Connect with their device’s default app on Symbian, iPhone, Android or Windows
  • Access their collaborative business mailbox on the go

What’s Amazing? Open – Xchange 7 Open-Xchange is a leading messaging and collaboration cloud application, providing a seamless user experience across platform and devices, across social and business networks. Premium Infra-structure

  • NetApp Storage Device
  • Enterprise Grade Service
  • High Security of Data
  • Automatic Failover
  • Infinite Scalable Disk Space

A Sneak Peek Never miss a single appointment

  • Display appointments
  • Create appointments
  • Answer appointment invitation
  • Manage appointments
  • Share calendars with other users


Folder, tag, lists & Share Your Inbox Has It All Choose your view Easy to use toolbars Tags for appointments


The Halo View The halo view opens a popup with all relevant information on a contact: Addresses, E-Mail addresses, phone numbers Your current correspondence with this contact Shared appointments with this contact


The Portal Configure the portal so you can see all your important information in a single place ee_7

Create, Manage & Share Files ee_8

The CartzLink Advantage

Pay-as-you Go

No long-term commitments
Buy for as small a duration as 1 month

Great Support

Our support team is partnered with the same people that architected this custom enterprise email solution. This ensures that your data is in the safest and most qualified hands possible.
Enjoy the pleasure of our localized support over E-MAIL helping you address your concerns as soon as possible.