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CartzLink’s AERO is one of the best solution for the management of production and inventory (stock data).

Designed to cater to the operational needs of companies associated specifically with the Pharma sector and Automobile parts Manufacturing, AERO is an ERP software application that consist of the best methodologies of enterprise resource management merged with the latest technologies helping businesses channelize their work processes.

Since AERO reflects upon the core concepts of ERP infrastructure, it follows the standard working patterns of large organizations and ensures greater ROI for your business.

The key features of AERO include:












This module helps organizations record and retrieve their overall production data in a much organized manner to better analyze the price/quality ratio. AERO Production Module analyzes current progress of an organization for making further decisions to increase efficiency, profits and growth. Following are the functionalities in AERO Production Module:


1) Master Info.

2) Listing

3) Reports

4) Routine Data Entry Batch Production:

1) Planning

2) Sales Forcast and Target

3) Raw and Packing Material Requirement

4) Stock Entry




Organizations usually maintain bulks of raw materials / finished goods at different stages of production process. Thus, proper management of materials’ inventory is of great significance for such firms operating in different industrial sectors. AERO Inventory Module helps organizations track the ins and outs of stock available in the warehouse(s). This module enables management to recognize inventory requirements, monitor the utilization of materials, and generate inventory status reports at just single click. Below are some key features available in AERO Inventory Module:



Warehouse Management

Real time data storage

Data collaboration

Data visibility and security

Automation and accessibility

Data analysis

Operational efficiency



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