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CartzLink’s AERO is one of the best solution for the management of production and inventory (stock data).

Designed to cater to the operational needs of companies associated specifically with the Pharma sector and Automobile parts Manufacturing, AERO is an ERP software application that consist of the best methodologies of enterprise resource management merged with the latest technologies helping businesses channelize their work processes.

Since AERO reflects upon the core concepts of ERP infrastructure, it follows the standard working patterns of large organizations and ensures greater ROI for your business.

Align and Unite ERP Solution for any business – any location

Unite all parts of your business with an affordable enterprise software application aligned to strategic objectives and complex organizational structures. Operate a lean organization by harnessing the compelling business process automation and productivity features of CartzLink’s AERO. Get a 360° view of your business and instant real-time business intelligence that drive crucial decisions. Move over time-consuming spreadsheets, create better business processes and spend lesser time in automating them. Pick from a wide range of functionalities and use it to suit any business. CartzLink’s AERO integrates easily with third-party applications through web services. CartzLink’s AERO on-cloud affordable and scalable. It has risen within a short span of time and has close to 150+ immaculate erp implementations to emerge as a top contributor to the global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market. With small enterprises to large corporations as its customer base, CartzLink’s AERO takes pride in offering comprehensive and leading-edge enterprise solutions to augment your business furtherance

The key features of AERO include Modules:


This module helps organizations record and retrieve their overall production data in a much organized manner to better analyze the price/quality ratio. AERO Production Module analyzes current progress of an organization for making further decisions to increase efficiency, profits and growth.


Works in your Country

CartzLink’s AERO ERP suite is designed to fit accounting systems of most countries. It is compliant to IFRS, Indian Accounting Standard and can be audited for compliance to other standards.

Flexible Tax Setup

Our flexible Taxation module allows configuration taxes

Strong Accounting Features

Offers a complete set of features for finance and accounting.

Standard and Custom Reports

Provides standard financial reports and offers the flexibility to define and create custom reports.

Budget versus Actual

Setup budget at any level for e.g. Organization, Cost Centre, Project, Campaign and many more; track budget versus actual.

Tracks costs of all your products

Calculate the exact cost of your product to you and be able to define your margins on a solid base.


Organizations usually maintain bulks of raw materials / finished goods at different stages of production process. Thus, proper management of materials' inventory is of great significance for such firms operating in different industrial sectors. AERO Inventory Module helps organizations track the ins and outs of stock available in the warehouse(s). This module enables management to recognize inventory requirements, monitor the utilization of materials, and generate inventory status reports at just single click. Below are some key features available in AERO Inventory Module:

1) Master Info.

2) Listing

3) Reports

4) Routine Data Entry Batch Production:

1) Planning

2) Sales Forcast and Target

3) Raw and Packing Material Requirement

4) Stock Entry

Optimizes your Inventory

Optimize your inventory levels, manage material movements, purchase-to-order, eliminate pilferage, manage internal use & physical inventory changes, inventory valuation and much more.

Empowers your employees

An effective inventory management system results in a lean, empowered & responsible team, delivering consistently.

Reduces your storage cost

A host of inbuilt features help you maintain optimum inventory levels and enhance volumetric utility of your warehouse resulting in reduced storage costs.


Know your exact demand at any time

Track demand, based on the real time demand submission by users or proactive alerts based on minimum stock.

Consolidate your purchases requirements

Group purchase requirements into consolidated orders and reduce administrative cost.

Reduce time to procure

Automate purchases of critical items, using workflow and alerts engine.


Enterprise-wide order-book management

Have a 360° view on all your orders with manual and automatic replenishment fulfillment triggers .

Reduce cost per order

Reduce the number of personnel in order fulfillment and reduce the cost incurred per order.

Eliminate incorrect shipments

Reduce human entries and reduce incorrect shipments to a minimum byt automatic Sale Order Generation module.

Improve customer satisfaction

Make many happy customers with quick and correct deliveries using order tracking.

Consistent Policies on large and small purchases

Set decision criteria and provide a base for purchase decisions.


Know your customers better

Get a 360° view of your customer Data and manage, by evaluating and analyzing all data that comes together in your CRM.

Efficiently Follow-up on your Prospects

Steer and control your sales team across regions, channels and ensure maximum conversion of opportunities to orders.

Get proactive reporting from your system

Set your preferred reports and alerts, get proactive reminders by the system of completed and pending transactions, events, tasks or activities.

Don’t forget to periodically Invoice your customers

Generate recurring invoices as per a fixed schedule, Maintain Service Contracts and renew them automatically.

Generate Invoices automatically

Automatically generate customer invoices with on their specific price lists based on the time and expenses recorded.

Set rules and prices for reimbursements

Set rules and prices lists for reimbursements to internal employees or contractors.

Track time and expenses against assignments and projects from anywhere
Access the web user interface from anywhere, record your time and expenses on projects, against customers.

Generate automatic alerts on deadlines

Never miss a deadline to record time and expenses due to automatic alerts generated by the system.


Manage service contracts & renewal

Define Service Level Agreements towards your customers and contractors.

Automatic renewal

Set rules and guidelines for automatic renewals and renew contracts automatically.

Manage scope changes and invoice change requests
Define budget for your service projects and track actual versus budget.

Invoicing / Recurring Billing / Running Account Invoice

Generate recurring invoicing automatically, based on service contracts.

Fixed price or Time & Material Projects
Work on fixed price or time and material projects. Automate invoicing.


Manage your employees
Manage all your employees Generate a 360° view of your permanent and contract employees.

Reduce administrative effort

Minimize your administrative work on generating payroll, creating reports for management, archiving and creating documents.
Easy Integration with Attendance & Access Control Systems
Integrate with a variety of RFID and Biometric devices in order to track time and work.


Automate complex warehouse operations
Generate automatic pick-list, put-away list and warehouse tasks.

Fully customizable rules engine
Set your storage strategy for products and let the WMS do the rest.

Reduced Warehouse Labor Overhead
Handle more workload with fewer of warehouse resources.

Use devices effectively

CartzLink’s AERO is easily integrated with automatic identification & data capture technology such as, barcode / RFID scanners & Printers.

Increased Warehouse Productivity
Eliminate unnecessary administrative activities and focus on productivity.

Manage multiple warehouses with one system
Link various warehouses and their operations with each other, and achieve an efficient supply chain.

Increase accuracy and reduce customer complaints
Pick the right products with clear instructions from the WMS in order and reduce errors.


Material Requirement Planning

Take important make or buy decisions, based on the real material requirement, calculated from real orders or underlying forecast.

Multi-level BOM Management
Define your product BOMs consisting of multiple types and levels of components. Execute product planning of each component of an assembled product.

Make to Stock or Make to Order

Execute Work Orders based on orders or based on forecast.

Tight Production Control

Track manufacturing of each component through all stages and get real picture of your work order in the manufacturing process. Identify inefficiencies or wastage and design better processes.

Define your own manufacturing process and resources
Setup your own routing sequence, manufacturing resources with setup and execution time. Completely schedule your production process.

Enhanced Cost Management and Reporting

Automatically roll-up cost for each batch or lot. Track the exact manufacturing cost of your goods.


Access business information on the fly and make better-informed decisions using CartzLink’s AERO, on any mobile platform. Trust CartzLink’s AERO ERP/CRM to create winning opportunities for your business.

Our latest HTML5 User Interface runs flawlessly on all mobile devices and proffers you the same scalability, coupled with an attractive user interface.

Cloud Computing
CartzLink’s AERO is Cloud Based ERP on our certified and secure cloud environment.

BI and Reporting

CartzLink’s AERO Inbuilt Business Intelligence and Reporting has all that it takes to generate powerful reports of different types. All reports are fully customizable and extendable. Any type of data can be compiled into these BI reports.

Email SMS Integration
External and internal communication can be supervised from within the system keeping track of all communication related to the records and files.

Task Management, Calendar & Time Management 
Manage your time and resources by utilizing CartzLink’s AERO inbuilt personal or shared calendars and time management applications.

Excel Import & Export
Data to any window can be imported from excel and all records and reports can be exported to Excel.

Multi Tenancy
CartzLink’s AERO a real enterprise level system enabling multiple-tenants and organizations.

Multiple Languages
Manage international operations with a multilingual application. Print your documents in your customers’ languages.

Personalization and Security
One of the most important features of CartzLink’s AERO  is the influential security and personalization trait. All components are administered by the role-based security engine that permits accessibility control up to the optimum granular level of a field or even a record. All accessible components can be personalized as per the user’s preferences.

System Administration Tools
Every business critical system needs to be monitored and administered. CartzLink’s AERO offers administration capabilities that help administrators do their work with more ease and less time. System Administration can be setup in a way that the most critical information is viewed on a dashboard and automatic alerts are triggered on certain events, such as critical data access or changes. System Audits are simplified and scheduled processes help you to automate certain routine tasks such as Data Backup and many more.

Works well with others

Seamless integration with a host of other specialized solutions through web services.

Sit back and Relax and let CartzLink’s AERO ERP Work for you



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