World’s First E-Commerce Back Office Solution

-Used by Top E-Commerce Stores such as Scents N Secrets, Scent N Success, etc

Most Loved Features:

-Save tedious time amount of time and man power which results in BIG SAVING and efficiencies…
-Integration with E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.
-Integration with Logistics Companies Such As TCS, MNP etc
-Auto Activate / Deactivate products on E-Commerce platforms as per inventory threshold – increase customer trust – Improves your brand image – eliminate out of stock product’s orders – saving of approx 2 Million
-Prevent dispatching of wrong items using QR Code Technology – Improves your online brand reputation – Saves return cost and marketing cost – Create trust worthy image for your customers – saves approx 2 Million
-Track returns from logistics companies – saves approx 1 Million
-Track payments from logistics companies – saves approx 0.5 Million
-Consolidate all orders in real time – Save approx 1 Million
-Detect Duplicate orders and save tedious time – Save approx 0.5 Million
-Can notify your customers through SMS, WhatsApp and Email – Reduce Return Rate and Saves 0.5 Million.
-Auto categorizes orders as per Logistics Companies and cities – Saves 0.5 Million.

Additional Features:

-Complete Accounting Module with Ledgers and Trial Balance.
-Complete Sales Module for managing cash and credit sale, direct and indirect sales.
-Complete Purchase Module for managing inventories and suppliers ledger.
-Complete Inventory management with Stock and FIFO costing
-Recipe Builder for selling value added products
-Integrated POS (addon).
-Private label Branding option is also available.